Pure Air Spa

Pioneer Revolutionary, Comfortable & High Efficient 


Londs innovatively draws lessons from the principle of“air curtain”to form a particular clean air laminar flow, stop the polluted air into your breathing area by reducing the turbulence, and bring soft, comfortable and clean air to you immediately.


Different with traditional desktop air purifier, the air curtain purifier cares more about your personal breathing area.


Traditional desktop air purifier:
It provides you clean air after hours of purification of the whole room
The strong wind causes your skin and eyes to be dry and uncomfortable
Londs Pure Air Spa
  • Within 15 cm
    PM2.5 concentration is Zero
  • Within 75 cm
    Air quality is Good
  • Exquisite wind
    system design
    Comfortable airflow
  • Air curtain

  • H12 HEPA filter

  • 4 Speeds

  • 90° vertical rotation

  • Touch button

  • Colorful ambient

Magic 3D Breathing Air Curtain

Thanks to the patent air curtain technology, 

the product is built with independent high-static pressure chamber and low noise wind.

It produces a precise and targeted soft airflow 

to make sure you receive clean air continuously and evenly without air turbulence and disruptive noise.

*All the data is based on the tested result from Londs lab, which may vary in different using environment.